Flare Path // Show Trailer

Based on Rattigan’s experiences as a tail gunner during World War II, Flare Path paints an evocative portrait of life in wartime Britain for the RAF bomber crews, their wives and sweethearts, who were left awaiting their return.

Set in 1942 against a backdrop of heartache and quiet bravery, Flare Path tells the story of former actress Patricia, the wife of RAF pilot Teddy, as their marriage is tested to the limits by the surprise arrival of Patricia’s exlover and Hollywood idol Peter Kyle. An unexpected and dangerous mission over Germany puts Patricia at the centre of an emotional conflict as unpredictable as the war in the skies.

Combining highly charged drama with a truly authentic taste of the fear, camaraderie and passion experienced by the men and women who fought to save their country their families and each other.

For the nerds: Footage was shot with a 4K URSA (all shot in HD ProRes) for the close-ups with a BMCC for the wides (in 2.5k RAW) and graded in Resolve.

Director: Kraig Winterbottom.
DOP: Will Price.

All post and music score was created by Rebel35.